Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering


Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering

Degree Conferred Master of Science (M.Sc.) Duration 3 Semesters Enrollment Winter and summer semester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements Relevant Bachelor's degree or in the case of a still missing degree at least 150 CP for 6-semester degrees respectively 180 CP for 7-semester degrees. The successful Bachelor's degree must then be submitted by 15.06. or 15.12. at the latest.

An average grade of at least 3.0 calculated from the examination results.

In the case of 180-CP Bachelor's degrees, an individual bridging semester is required.

Proof of professional competence through at least
25 CP in the field of natural sciences and computer science (10 CP Mathematics, 5 CP Physics and 5 CP Computer Science),
10 CP in the field of construction,
10 CP in the field of technical mechanics,
20 CP in the field of technical engineering,
30 CP in the field of business economics
as well as a 10-week internship in industry or business.

For international applicants:
Language assessment DSH level 2 (TestDaf 4x4, DSD II, Telc C1 Hochschule or equivalent);

If these required points of performance are not fulfilled, approval may be granted with require-ments with a maximum limit of 30 CP; Admission is only possible if there are no more than 10 CP in the fields of competences in natu-ral sciences - construction - technical mechanics; Requirements of more than 15 CPs lead to an additional semester (bridge semester), the study duration is therefore extended by one semester.)
Application deadline     Applicants with German Bachelor Degree   an der OVGU Winter Semester: 15 September     Applicants with German Bachelor Degree   an der OVGU Summer Semester: 15 March     Applicants with International Bachelor Degree   über uni-assist Winter Semester: 15 July     Applicants with International Bachelor Degree   über uni-assist Summer Semester: 15 January Language German


The studies complete the preceding Bachelor's degree program and emphasize especially the holistic view of technical-organizational and economic contexts. The aim of the studies is to acquire a broad but at the same time detailed and critical under-standing of the specialist knowledge and the ability to work independently with scientific methods. Students acquire the competence to independently familiarize with the various tasks of the related application, research or teaching fields of activity as well as the ability to cope with the frequently changing tasks which occur in professional life. Depending on the chosen major and the selec-tion of the elective modules, individual goals can be defined by the student.


  • Product Development - Design and calculation
  • Production Engineering
  • Production Systems - operation and organization
  • Automotive Systems

A mandatory enrollment in a major is required upon matriculation at the latest. At the center of the major "Product Development" are primarily the development, design and calculation of components, assemblies and complete systems. The major "Production Engineering" orients thereby increasingly on the use of machinery and equipment as well as on the determination of technological data for the targeted production starting from raw material to finished product. The major "Production Systems" concentrates on the dispositive work performances planning, management, organization and control of pro-duction of goods and services in order to achieve technical, social, economic and ecological objectives. The major "Automotive Systems" provides an overview of the current and future drive systems and enables the scientific specialization in single systems up to the component level.

Career Perspectives

The graduates are able to perform leading or self-employed activities in the investment and consumer goods industry (e. g. in the sectors: mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, automotive, electrical/electronics, engineering offices, aviation/aerospace, iron/sheet/metal, medical engineering, plastics, building materials) both in application and engineering services as well as in research. On the other hand, appropriate activities in sci-ence and education are possible. With corre-sponding interest, attractive jobs in technical sales are also open to graduates.

Competencies and Interests Required

Good to very good knowledge of the basic sub-jects of economics and mechanical engineering in general; Interest in thinking in systems, structures and control circuits as well as in complex problem solving, in working in interdisciplinary teams and in taking over management responsibilities

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This Master's degree gained at the Otto-von-Guericke-University is qualitatively and quantitatively equivalent to a diploma in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.

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