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As of 31.01.2023, the Corona isolation obligation in Saxony-Anhalt has been lifted. However, employees or people in their environment still fall ill with corona. Many wonder which regulations are now binding at the university. As a general rule, you should not show up at work with symptoms if there is a risk of infecting other employees.


The internationally renowned Indian-American computer scientist Kalyanmoy Deb will give a technical lecture at our company on February 6, 2023. The scientist will talk about machine learning methods and their use in solving optimization problems. His methods are used by companies worldwide.



With the new Saxony-Anhalt Tariff Compliance and Procurement Act, the state parliament also resolved to introduce the Subthreshold Procurement Ordinance. On March 1, 2023, the VOL/A will be replaced, which will result in a large number of changes in procurement practice. The university administration is developing new procurement regulations and preparing a comprehensive training program.

As a guest at the OVGU

Due to the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Dr. Richard Sufo from Cameroon is able to do research with us for two years. With his work he wants to encourage science, politics and society to use all available knowledge to stop climate change.

Unfortunately, the article is only available in German.

The digital theory of evolution

Most people think of Darwin when they hear the word evolution, but not of algorithms. But that's exactly what it's all about when Tobias Benecke talks about evolution. Because he researches evolutionary algorithms and uses concepts from nature to drive scientific progress and rethink the world.

Unfortunately, the article is only available in German.

As a scientist in the spotlight

Linguists from us have studied the portrayal of virologists during Corona in the mass media. The results show that their transparent communication of ignorance was used to question their credibility. (Photo: shutterstock / IxMaster)

Unfortunately, the article is only available in German.

From Magdeburg to Barcelona

At our university, you can not only study, but also learn many apprenticeships. Hannah Theile is our first "Fotoazubine". During her apprenticeship she had the opportunity to do an internship in Barcelona.

Unfortunately, the article is only available in German.

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