The I.DEAR Programme

    Study and internship stays in Argentina

    The I.DEAR Programme is a bilateral programme established by the "Deutsch-Argentinischen Hochschulzentrum" (DAHZ-CUAA) for the promotion of exchange projects between Germany and Argentina in the field of engineering (first-cycle programmes in Argentina, first- and second-cycle programmes in Germany).


    The programme aims at strengthening the collaboration between German and Argentinian universities in the field of engineering through the exchange of students and researchers alike. This is supposed to create new impulses for teaching, research and technological innovation in both countries. The intercultural and mulitlingual framework of the I.DEAR-programme prepares future professionals for the both the European and international and Latin American labour markets.

    A key prerequisite for participating in the programme is the mutual recognition of courses and exams at the respective partner institutions

    Target Group

    Students of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the following faculties:

    • Faculty of Process and Systems Technology
    • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    • Faculty of Computer Science
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

    What does the programme look like?

    We will support a 10-month stay at our partner university Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, that combines a study and an internship phase. The 10-month stay consists of a 5-month term at the partner university and a consecutive specialised industrial internship of 4 to 5 months in the host country.

    Prerequisites for OVGU Students

    • time period for the stay abroad lies between the 4th and 6th semester (Bachelor's programmes) or the 3rd and 4th semester (Master's programmes)
    • Application deadlines:
    • Spanish language skills: on application a minimum of A2. A B1 certificate must be presented before the programme start date. Our Argentinian partner institution offers consecutive Spanish language courses during the study part of the programme.

    Scholarship Elements for OVGU Students

     Provided by the German University:

    • Living stipend of 1,075€/month (as of 07/2022)
    • onetime travel allowance of 1,500€
    • Fee reimbursement for preparatory language courses on individual request

     Provided by the Argentinian University:

    • Spanish language course

    Contact for your questions

    Ms. Sylvia Seela

    Study Reports

    If you are interested in reading about the experiences of our former programme students at UNS Bahía Blanca, you can read their study reports in our exchange database.

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