Frequently asked questions

What are restricted-admission programs?

With restricted-admission programs the number of study places is set on the basis of the available teaching capacity. Admission is via a Numerus Clausus (N.C.) process in accordance with higher education law.

What are open-admission programs?

Open-admission programs have no limits on the number of study places. Every applicant that meets the admission requirements will be admitted to the program.

When is the enrollment period?

You will be requested to submit documents for enrollment in your letter of admission. The deadline for submitting these documents will contained in the letter (please do not miss it!). The enrollment documents must be received by OVGU by mail by the deadline stated in the letter of admission (incoming mail stamp).

All necessary documents for commencing your studies will be sent to you by mail (student identity card, initial certification etc.).


Where do I obtain information for new students?

  Information for new students can be found under the following link:

What are admission requirements?

Admission requirements are set out in the Study and Examination Regulations for the relevant program. In the case of open-admission Master degree programs, as a rule they go beyond the requirement of a degree obtained in the previous course of study. The proof that needs to be provided will be checked by the responsible board of examiners. All information on the admission requirements can be found in the relevant Study and Examination Regulations, or on the program web pages.

Which documents are required for making an application?

At the end of the online application, print out the registration/enrollment application (application for admission). The required documents can be found here.

If you are a citizen of a foreign country and have a foreign secondary school diploma, you must apply via uni-assist. If you have a German Bachelor degree, apply directly to OVGU.

Which documents are required for registration/enrollment?

The information can be found under the following link:

I have statutory insurance - what do I need to submit for registration/enrollment?

In order for you to enroll, the university must have received an electronic notification from your health insurance fund. If you decide to enroll at OVGU, please contact your health insurance fund quoting reference number H00001216 so that they can send us the electronic notification. As the applicant, there is no need for you to submit any documents from the health insurance fund.

I have private insurance - what do I need to submit for registration/enrollment?

If you have private insurance, we must receive an electronic notification from a statutory health insurance fund stating that you are exempt from the requirement to take out statutory health insurance. If you decide to enroll at OVGU, please contact the statutory health insurance fund of your choice so that it can send us an electronic notification of your exemption from the requirement to take out statutory health insurance.

What is a postal registration/enrollment? ?

Postal registration is the sending by mail of the required documents for registration/enrollment.

When will I receive my student identity card and the documents required to begin my studies?

Information on this can be found in your letter of admission.

Which documents and proof must be submitted in the case of a Master program application after my provisional application?

An officially certified copy of your first university degree certificate must be submitted by 15.12. if applying for the winter semester and by 15.06. if applying for the summer semester. Your certificate of exmatriculation must be submitted as a simple copy immediately after it is issued.

Where can I find out if my Bachelor degree is suitable for the Master’s program that I wish to pursue?

Basic information can be found in the study regulations. Any further information can only be given by the subject advisers in the relevant faculty. Explanations and contact information can be found on the web pages containing details of the range of courses.

Will I get my application documents back if I choose not to enroll?

Application documents are only returned by mail if the application contains a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Otherwise the documents will be destroyed.

Do I have to de-register if I give back my study place?

If you give back your study place before the start of the semester (01.10. or 01.04.), it will not be necessary to de-register. Please note that you may not register with other university institutions with your student identity card. The application to waive enrollment can be found on this website under the “waiving enrollment” item.

Can I check the status of my application online?

You can check the status of your application at any time at the following address:

A significant proportion of the admission decisions and online enrollment can be viewed in the myovgu portal. Therefore, please log into the myovgu portal regularly so that you do not miss any news and no deadlines go unnoticed.

I am currently abroad; how can I ensure that my application arrives in time?

You can authorize a person (e.g. a parent) to undertake the application process on your behalf (with your signature and a copy of your identity card). To meet the deadline, it is sufficient for you to fax the online application data sheet signed by you to us in advance and to submit the remaining documentation as soon as possible thereafter. It is not possible to submit application documents online (by email).

I am a citizen of a foreign country but obtained my Bachelor degree in Germany. Does that mean I am a “Bildungsinländer” (somebody who obtained their university entrance qualification in Germany)?

No, “Bildungsinländer” are foreign citizens who attended a German school in Germany or abroad and in completing their schooling in this way obtained their university entrance qualification for Germany. Only obtaining a Bachelor degree in Germany does not confer the status of a “Bildungsinländer”. If, as a citizen of a foreign country you hold a foreign secondary school diploma and a German Bachelor degree, apply directly to OVGU.

I have obtained the International Baccalaureate (a secondary school diploma abroad). Does this diploma equate to the Abitur, and can I apply in the same way as a German student who has passed their Abitur?

No, German citizens with international secondary school diplomas (e.g.: IB, GCE, American High School Diploma or similar) must apply via uni-assist ( The deadline for submitting applications to uni-assist is 15 July.

How or where can I have previous qualifications recognized?

The recognition of prior qualifications can only be undertaken by the Examination Office in the relevant faculty. Click here for an overview of examination offices.

What does officially certified copy mean?

Any public authority and other public offices that have an official seal can produce an officially certified copy. Copies certified by notaries and churches regulated by public law are also accepted.

Copies certified by lawyers, clubs, accountants, auditors, surveyors, assessors and so on cannot be accepted.  

The formal requirements for an official certification are taken from § 33 of either the German Federal or State Administrative Procedure Acts.

How much is the semester fee?

Details of the semester fee can be found under the following link: .

Must I pay tuition fees?

No, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, no general tuition fees are levied. Fees only become payable if studying for a second degree. The arrangements for second degree tuition fees can be found under the following link: Please note that some courses are subject to fees.

Which courses are subject to fees?
Fees are payable for visiting students attending lectures, the “Study over 50” program, continuing education courses and language courses that are not part of the degree program.

What does school and professional background mean?

In this case, information on your schooling, professional career, previous courses of study and similar is required, as a rule this is a curriculum vitae in tabular form with no gaps

I obtained my Bachelor degree abroad. How should I apply for a Master degree program?

If you have a foreign Bachelor degree, you must apply for a Master degree program via uni-assist. Please visit the course web pages for information: Master degree programs

How long does it take to process a Master degree program application?

Applications for open-admission Master degree programs are processed as soon as the application is received. The total processing time can be up to 6 weeks due to the additional professional examination required.

What happens if the online application cannot be printed out?

Please contact the student secretariat.

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