Fees & Charges

Semester fees

Semester fees at OvGU amount to 277.90 EUR. This sum comprises:

  • 90.00 EUR „Studentenwerk“ fees
  • 176.40 EUR semester Deutschland-Ticket 
  • 11.50 EUR Student Council (StuRa) fees
  • Information on Re-registration

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Enrolment waiver

After enrolling for the first time ever or in a new course of study, you can apply for a waiver of this enrolment before 30 September for winter terms and before 31 March for summer terms. This does not pertain to re-registrations.

Once the deadlines have passed, your enrolment can only be suspended by way of exmatriculation. Please use the Application for Exmatriculation.

Only in case of the enrolment waiver, we can refund the semester fees.´

You have to apply for the waiver by handing in the form within the respective deadlines. Please mail the form and your UniCard (student ID) to the Students' Office (Studierendensekretariat) or bring the documents to the Camous Service Center in person.

Form: Enrolment Waiver (German only)

Ulrike Kolbe | Tel. +49 391 67-58839 | 

Fees for second degree studies, guest students and students over the age of 60

(All documents in German only)

Ulrike Kolbe | Tel. +49 391 67-58839 | 

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