We offer a diverse range of course in visual computing. This is complemented by a large number of general computer science courses within the Department of Computer Science and those offered at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität in general.

elow you find a sample study plan (colors indicate research directions within visual computing):

The plan provides you with an overview of the courses that are available and it is not a recommended study plan. In particular, many students will want to focus on one area of ​​visual computing (such as visualization, computer graphics, computer vision or augmented and virtual reality) after the first semester. We also require every student to take in total 30 credit points outside of visual computing either in other areas of computer science or by taking courses offered at other departments at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg.

The formal course requirements of the Master in Visual Computing are as follows (see also the study regulations):
  • Visual computing: 36-66 CP
  • General computer science: 18-42 CP
  • General methods and skills: 6-12 CP


Below you find a list of visual computing courses typically offered once a year (this is subject to change and the actual offering will differ from year to year).
  Title  Lecturer  Type
  Mandatory courses    
  Augmented & Virtual Reality Prof. Preim / Prof. Hansen  Lecture
  Introduction to Computer Graphics Prof. Theisel  Lecture
  Numerical Methods for Visual Computing Prof. Lessig  Lecture
  Visualization Prof. Preim  Lecture
  Scientific team project  All  Project
  Elective courses    
  Computational Geometry Prof. Schirra  Lecture
  Computer vision and deep learning Prof. Tönnies  Lecture
  Computer-Assisted Surgery Prof. Hansen  Lecture
  Flow visualization Prof. Theisel  Lecture
  Geometric Data Structures Prof. Schirra  Lecture
  GPU programming Prof. Lessig  Lecture
  Human-Computer Interfaces in Medicine Prof. Hansen  seminar

  Mathematics and Numerics of Deep Neural Networks for Physical


Prof. Lessig  seminar
  Medical visualization Prof. Preim  Lecture
  Robust Geometric Computing Prof. Schirra  Lecture
  Scientific Computing IV Prof. Lessig  Lecture
  Scientific Computing V Prof. Lessig  Lecture
  Selected Algorithms in Computer Graphics Prof. Theisel  Lecture
  Three-Dimensional & Advanced Interaction Prof. Hansen  Lecture
  Visual analytics Prof. Preim  Lecture
  Visual Analytics in Health Care Prof. Preim  seminar


The list of courses offered in the Department of Computer Science, which would count towards the 18-42 CP for general computer science, can be found in the module handbook . 

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