Within the WORLDWIDE Programme, OVGU offers students the opportunity to study abroad in countries beyond the European Union. Currently, you can study at 65 partner universities in North, Central and South America as well as Asia for one or two exchange terms.

Where can I find information about studying abroad and what do I have to bear in mind before applying for the programme? This page provides an overview about studying with WORLDWIDE.

Depending on your host institution, you need to prove different language skills during your application. Here, we provide you with the relevant information.

Once you have read up about the WORLDWIDE programme and have decided to apply, you must follow the application process detailed here.

If your application for a WORLDWIDE exchange placement was successful, the following steps must be taken before you embark on your experience abroad.

After your arrival at the host institution, some changes may need to be made for which you have to consult with OVGU.

Once your exchange term comes to an end, you will need to take care of some formalities both abroad and back in Magdeburg. Make sure to check this list in time before your departure.

If you study outside the EU, you have to expect higher costs for your stay. You can find an overview about possible additional costs here.

Studying abroad in the WORLDWIDE programme can be very expensive. We therefore recommend that you try to find scholarships or other funding to help finance your exchange time.

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