Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Wang, Dongwei;  Polat, Ersin;  Tesmer, Henning;  Jakoby, Rolf;  Maune, Holger 

A compact and fast 1×4 continuously steerable endfire phased-array antenna based on liquid crystal
In: IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters/ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - New York, NY: IEEE, Bd. 20 (2021), 10, S. 1859-1862


Agrawal, Prannoy;  Kienemund, Daniel;  Walk, Dominik;  Matic, Stipo;  Bohn, Nicole;  Häuser, Kevin;  Fink, Thomas;  Abrecht, Mike;  Bigler, Walter;  Binder, Joachim R.;  Jakoby, Rolf;  Maune, Holger 

Suppression of acoustic resonances in BST-based bulk-ceramic varactors by addition of magnesium borate
In: Crystals: open access journal - Basel: MDPI, Bd. 11 (2021), 7, insges. 12 S.


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