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Promising innovations in fields such as telecommunications, energy, process engineering, finance, transport and biology are largely based on modern mathematical methods. The scientific discipline of Mathematics provides a vital basis for the key technologies of the 21st century. For the most part this is in a targeted way by answering specific application questions. Often, however, purely mathematically motivated research findings turn out to be the critical key to new developments. The Faculty of Mathematics at Otto von Guericke University has a strong profile in fundamental mathematical research and interdisciplinary projects, for example within the framework of the University's "Dynamic Systems and Biosystems Technology” research centre, which was founded jointly with the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems. According to the ZEIT newspaper’s university guide, the University of Magdeburg is one of Germany’s three best universities for studying mathematics.


This programme conveys the essential concepts, methods and areas of application of modern mathematics. Mathematical knowledge and skills are complemented by an applied subject such as Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Economics and Management. This will qualify you to enter a specialist career after three years of study. In the fourth semester you can choose to specialise in either mathematics for computer science, engineering, or economics and management. more

Mathematical Engineering

On the programme in mathematical engineering, mathematics and engineering are on an equal footing. Students learn how to work on an interdisciplinary basis. You will explore the fundamentals of mathematics and the main engineering disciplines. You can consolidate your studies in Electronics and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering or Process Engineering and so qualify, for example, to start a career in the electronics, automobile or supply industries, in communications or safety technology, or plant and equipment engineering. more

Applied Statistics

This programme will familiarise you with the essential concepts, methods, processes and possible applications of modern statistics. Alongside a fundamental education in mathematics and an in-depth education in statistics, students will also receive instruction tailored to the demands of statistics in computer science as well as a solid foundation in various areas of application such as engineering, economics and management, the natural sciences, and the environmental and biological sciences. You will learn statistical practice in lectures, tutorials, seminars and projects as well as on a three-month long practical placement, The programme will qualify you to start your career as a statistician in commerce or industry, in research facilities, or with the public authorities after three and a half years of study. The Bachelor's degree is offered jointly with Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and is therefore strongly application oriented. more

Teaching in General Schools (Secondary or Grammar Schools)

If the aesthetic of prime numbers excites you, the Fibonacci Code doesn't just make you think of a spy thriller, searching for the tools to solve local and global environmental problems interests you and you like doing “tricks with X”, then you should study the teaching of mathematics combined with physics in general schools (secondary or grammar schools) at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. more

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