Information about the corona virus and the behavior of the university

In view of the proliferation of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), we request that all OVGU employees to pay special attention, to observe the hygiene regulations and to act responsibly towards each other. On this page we have compiled important information for you and ask you to observe the service instructions and to inform yourself here regularly about changes.

Hotline for suspected cases

For suspected cases, University Medicine has set up a hotline in German and English: +49 (0)391 67 1 7799. This is not a general advice hotline.


After a long period of time in which studying and teaching took place digitally for the most part, we are now hoping for a semester in presence again. Presence extends not only to teaching and research, but also to the great desire and firm will to make campus life lively again after two years of restrictions.

Last Modification: 13.06.2022 - Contact Person: Katharina Vorwerk