Information about the corona virus and the behavior of the university

In view of the proliferation of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), we request that all OVGU employees to pay special attention, to observe the hygiene regulations and to act responsibly towards each other. On this page we have compiled important information for you and ask you to observe the service instructions and to inform yourself here regularly about changes.

Currently, the University of Magdeburg is in level 3 of the valid graduated plan.

At the beginning of January 2021, the Corona Task Force will again consult with the deaneries and agree on possible adjustments of the measures and the graduated plan. These decisions will take into account the decisions of the federal and state governments as well as the agreements among the universities in the state and the Ministry of Science, Economics and Digitization.

Hotline for suspected cases

For suspected cases, University Medicine has set up a hotline in German and English: +49 (0)391 67 1 7799. This is not a general advice hotline.

To evaluate the current infection situation in Magdeburg and the resulting actions for the university, a step-by-step plan with five levels is now in effect. In addition to the hygiene concept, the graduated plan defines measures for all members of the university and for guests on campus. Please also note the information on the coronavirus.

Currently, level 3 applies at the University of Magdeburg.


In order to prevent and support the strategy of the Federal Government and the state governments to contain the pandemic, there will be further restrictions on classroom teaching from Monday, November 09th, 2020, when stage III comes into force. From then on, all lectures are to be held in an online format - seminars, exercises, tutorials or practical courses can - where necessary - take place in classroom teaching under the applicable hygiene regulations.


The federal and state agreements of Wednesday also have an impact on the universities in the state. On Thursday, the university management of Saxony-Anhalt agreed in close consultation with the state government to continue the winter semester in principle in hybrid form. Nevertheless, the additional, temporary measures to contain the coronavirus from Monday, November 2, 2020, will also lead to necessary adjustments at the University of Magdeburg. In principle, the existing hygiene concept of the University of Magdeburg remains valid.

Here you will find important labor law information and instructions on how to behave if you yourself are ill or have had contact with a sick person or are entering a risk area.

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Here you will find instructions on how to behave if you yourself are ill or have had contact with a sick person or have entered a risk area, as well as important information about the course of the semester.

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International students can find support and help. You will also find contact addresses of the responsible departments at the university. In addition, you will find an FAQ section. Questions about teaching are answered here.

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Students and employees of the university offer help in times of crisis and also help. Some offers from members of the OVGU have already been started. Support them or tell us about your ideas and actions!

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