The ERASMUS+ programme, one of the European Union's greatest success stories, has funded the cross-border mobility of students, university lecturers and university staff in Europe since 1987. Currently, the OVGU maintains more than 120 ERASMUS+ bilateral agreements with different European universities. The agreements are subject specific and set out the number of exchange students and possible duration of the exchange. The International Office is responsible for the coordination of the the ERASMUS+ programme across all faculties.

Depending on your host institution, you need to proof different language skills during your application. Here, we provide you with the relevant information.

Once you have read up about the Erasmus+ programme and have decided to apply, you must follow the application process detailed here.

If your application for an Erasmus+ exchange placement was successful, the following steps must be taken before you embark on your experience abroad.

After your arrival at the host institution, you will not only need to take care of enrolment, class selection etc. there. Remember to send the necessary forms to Magdeburg, too.

Once your exchange term comes to an end, you will need to take care of some formalities both abroad and back in Magdeburg. Make sure to check this list in time before your departure.

If you are chosen for an Erasmus+ exchange placement, you are entitled to financial support which comes in the form of the so-called mobility grant.

Students with children and student with disabilities should also be able to experience an Erasmus+ stay abroad. Here you can find out about special assistance you can receive.

In the context of Erasmus+ KA107, OVGU fosters relationships with selected universities in partner countries. You can also apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant for an exchange term.

Applications for Erasmus+ study placements in winter semester 2021/22 or summer semester 2022

Application deadline: 01.02.2021


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