Erasmus+ Top-Ups

Students with fewer opportunities can receive a so-called top up of 250 EUR per month in addition to the regular Erasmus+ mobility grant. Students from the following categories are eligible:

  • Students with a degree of disability of at least 20 or with a chronic illness. You can also apply for a grant that pays the real additional costs of your mobility abroad that are directly derived from the disability or the chronic illness. This grant is limited to 15,000 EUR per semester or 30,000 EUR per year.
  • Students with children
  • Students from a non-academic background: students whose parents or caregivers have not finished a higher education degree are considered as first-time academics. A degree from a university-like vocational academy is considered an academic degree. Likewise, courses of study completed abroad count as academic degrees even if they are not recognized in Germany. A master craftsman's diploma is not considered an academic degree.
  • Students with employment: the following criteria have to apply in full:
    • employment subject to social insurance - or self-employment
    • with net earnings of more than 450 EUR and less than 850 EUR each month
    • continuously employed for at least six months
    • employment lies in the period of at least 6 months prior to the start of the stay abroad
    • the employment may be a single one or several immediately following each other. An interruption within the regular vacation period during employment is not a problem.
    • the activity is not continued during the stay abroad, so that there is a loss of earnings

You must confirm your belonging to one or more of these groups by sworn declaration (a template will be provided soon).

Green Erasmus+

Within the new programme period, you wil receive a one-time payment of 50 EUR for travelling sustainably to and from your country of destination. Approved modes of transport are bus and train. Also, you can receive Erasmus+ funding for up to 4 additional travel days. The number of days depends on the distance between Magdeburg and your destination.

  • up to 500km: 1 day
  • up to 1,000km: 2 days
  • up to 1,500km: 3 days
  • more than 1,500km: 4 days

If travelling by plane is the only possible option, you can be refunded for the CO2 compensation you paid on your flight price.

Important: The Green Travel Top-Up will no longer be availble for the academic year of 2024/25, it will instead be included in the higher general rates. The Top-Up for fewer opportunities remains.

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