Educational Science


Educational Science

Degree Conferred Master of Arts (M.A.) Duration 4 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements Proof of a higher education diploma, Bachelor's or
Master's degree with more than average performance (examination grade at least 2.4).
Application Details Without admission restriction

The application documents include a curriculum vitae in tabular form and a letter of motivation in which applicants should introduce themselves as a person and justify their motivation to study.
Application deadline   Bewerbung mit deutschem Schulabschluss      an der OVGU 15. September   Bewerbung mit internationalem Schulabschluss      über uni-assist 15. July Language German


Students choose one of the following specialisations upon matriculation:

  •     Education in social relations of difference
  •     Continuing education and organisational development


The Master's programme in Educational Science pursues the educational goal of a second degree in educational science with a content-related focus on educational processes in the context of social diversity as well as continuing education and organisational development.

The primarily research-oriented degree programme builds on disciplinary qualifying BA degrees and offers the opportunity to deepen and expand acquired subject-specific and methodological qualifications and competences. The aim of the programme is to enable students to systematically analyse, reflect on and critically evaluate phenomena and problems relevant to education and to enable them to transfer the acquired subject-specific and methodological knowledge in an application-oriented manner. They acquire the competence to link subject knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner and to contribute it to individual or group projects. By linking subject-specific requirements with transfer and application-oriented formats, competences for both systematic-critical analysis and practical, independent application are trained and further developed.

Career Perspectives

The MA degree prepares students both professionally and methodologically for academic activities and further academic qualification (doctorate) as well as for highly qualified professional activities in the non-academic sector. Examples of activities and occupational fields of graduates are:

  • academic work in higher education or in research institutions
  • Educational, advisory and lecturing activities in adult and out-of-school youth education
  • Evaluation and expert activities
  • Conceptual work (teaching-learning concepts)
  • Educational planning, organisational planning
  • Educational counselling, organisational counselling
  • policy advice
  • research and development in the field of management, concept development and implementation .

Competencies and Interests Required

  • Interest in methodologically reflective and interdisciplinary thinking and work
  • Openness to productive engagement with conditions of social plurality and inequality
  • Ability to reflect on one's own understanding of self and the world

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