Integrated Design Engineering


Integrated Design Engineering

Degree Conferred Master of Science (M.Sc.) Duration 4 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements Bachelor degree of 180 CP / 6 Semesters, or Diploma, or Magister, or examination in engineering, industrial design, industrial engineering, computer sciences, bionics, in economic sciences; in particular entrepreneurship or marketing; Basic knowledge in mechanical engineering and construction, manufacturing methods and production processes as well as materials sciences; Excellent examination performances; Application deadline     Applicants with German Bachelor Degree   an der OVGU 15 September     Applicants with International Bachelor Degree   über uni-assist 15 July Language German


  • Acquiring knowledge and specific skills in process-oriented project work with reference to scientific methods in the field of integrated product development and innovation
  • Gaining a holistic perspective on product development and the design of product characteristics such as aesthetics, ergonomic / human factors, functional performance, reliability and security, the ratio: price-performance, manufacturability, maintainability and sustainability
  • Transfer of knowledge concerning the interdisciplinary fields of integrated product development, technical design and human factors

Career Perspectives

  • Design Engineer
  • Ergonomist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Project Engineer, Product Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Industrial Designer
  • Manager CSR

In a leading position with strategic knowledge and high innovational skills

Competencies and Interests Required

  • high technical understanding
  • pleasure in designing sophisticated products and services
  • individual initiative and team spirit
  • Knowledge / Experience in a CAx-System
  • Competent handling of MS-Office applications
  • Sufficient knowledge of German and English language skills, university level

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