• Diagnostic Imaging Systems - particularly MRI and Ultrasound
  • Development of electro-mechanical systems and tools for minimal invasive imageguided therapies with US, XR, MRI, NUK (e.g. biopsy devices, injection and ablationsystems)
  • Combination (hybridization) of different diagnostic modalities to optimize therapies - e.g. minimal invasive work environment
  • Catheters and devices for the therapy procedures under image guidance -e.g.intraoperative radiation therapy / cryo ablation, intelligent monitoring and staging,tracking and navigation systems
  • Intelligent catheters, implants, and tools for Neurosurgical, Vascular, Oncology, and Orthopaedic applications
  • Robotics in combination with imaging and therapy
  • Translational concepts and Innovation Generation for Image Guided Therapies
  • Patent and IP Strategies
  • Public Lecturer on Innovation Generation for MedTec applications
  • Public Lecturer on Exponential Technologies and their impact on healthcare development (3D Print, mHealth, Machine Learning, Big Data, Imaging, Synthetic Biology, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy, Minimal Invasive Therapies)

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