Since April 2016: Junior Professor of Experimental Thermofluids.
Development and application of fluid temperature measurements using thermographic phosphor particles.

2014-2016: Research associate (Post-doc) at Imperial College, London UK
Investigation of heat transfer downstream of high pressure expansion (Joule-Thomson cooling) by means of high-speed thermographic PIV, and surface phosphor thermometry.

2010-2014 : PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London, UK

Development of an optical technique for simultaneous temperature and velocity measurements in turbulent flows, which uses thermographic phosphor tracer particles : the thermographic Particle Image Velocimetry concept.

2009 : Diplôme d' Ingénieur from "Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers" Paris, one of the French Engineering "Grande Ecoles".

2008-2009: MSc at the University of Florida in the USA, major : Mechanical Engineering, minor: Chemistry

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