Computer Science is becoming more and more important for technical applications. For example, for modern cars up 45% of the development cost are software costs. Many severe catastrophes in air or space industries have their causes in software bugs (like the last Airbus crashes in Amsterdam and Puerto Plata or the loss of the Ariane 5 rocket). New innovations and functions (for example digital cameras and image processing) are often only software improvements instead of hardware upgrades.   The research focus of the working group "Computer Systems in Engineering" is making advances in Computer Science available for engineering applications. Our research is characterized as very inter-disciplinary research. In most research projects, we try to find partners from industry to evaluate practicability and usefulness of new methods from early on. At the same time industrial partners can benefit from this by gaining a competitive advantage. We also made the experience, that even for fundamental research frequent exchange of experiences with users from practice is very beneficial for both sides. For students we are always offering a broad variety of jobs, bachelor or master theses. For industrial partners, we act as an interface for new technology, offer innovation management and can also arrange internships.   If you share our view on Computer Science as an enabler technology for many engineering domains, are looking for a scientific partner or a topic for a thesis, I would be very happy to invite you to a personal talk.

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