We are seeking the “digital” architects of tomorrow

Computer Science at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

With the advances in information technology, people are moving ever more frequently in digital worlds.  The architects of these worlds are computer scientists who are able to “build” sophisticated software solutions for a wide variety of applications. In the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Magdeburg we are educating these “digital architects” - in other words Computer Scientists who design and build the information systems and software solutions so that other people can benefit from using them. We offer four practical Bachelor’s programmes in which we put our particular vision into effect in different ways.

Our four Bachelor’s programmes Computational Visualistics, Computer Science, Computer Systems in Engineering and Business Informatics have for many years scored top marks in the CHE University Rankings in the “General Study Environment” category. They have a common core of Computer Science subjects that are complemented by different programme-specific courses. All programmes include a practical semester that the students are able to make use of in widely differing ways.

Computational Visualistics

Digital images are a medium with very many possible applications: Computers create images so that people can better understand complex matters - for example in a navigation system or a simulator. The computer can also analyse digital photographs, for example satellite photos, in order to obtain useful knowledge. Digital images are a research focal point in our faculty, and, among other things, for students who are interested in the programme in Computational Visualistics, we offer Medical Technology as a main area of application. more

Computer Systems in Engineering

Today software tools are essential for every engineer - for example for simulating processes or for controlling equipment and plants. Students of Computer Systems in Engineering have an interest in engineering technology and are able to choose between Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering or Electrical Engineering as a second specialist focal area. Many of them wish in their future careers to jointly develop innovative technical products with engineers and they mainly spend their practical semester with technology companies such as Siemens, Airbus or BMW. more

Business Informatics

The role of business informatics is to provide information systems with which organisations can function more efficiently and effectively. Unlike at most universities, at Magdeburg Business Informatics comes under the umbrella of the Faculty of Computer Science and is aimed at high school graduates who are primarily interested in the creative use of information technology. Our graduates design knowledge management systems and operational information systems, or they are concerned with Big Data and business analytics. more

Computer Science

Our Bachelor’s programme in Computer Science is characterised by an extremely high degree of flexibility: Computer Science students can choose half of their courses themselves. This gives them the opportunity to follow their own interests and develop individual study tracks. Notwithstanding this there are four special study tracks that reflect the particular opportunities offered by our faculty. Computer Games: This track is for all those who are interested in the development of computer games. Forensic Design: On this track students learn how to analyse traces from real and digital crime scenes using IT and modern sensor technology. Learning Systems / Bioinformatics: On this track students teach their computers how to learn like human beings and intelligently adapt to their environments. Web Entrepreneurs: Here, students with an interest in entrepreneurship can develop business ideas for the internet and prepare to found their own start-ups during their studies. more

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