Career in Microtechnology

The presence in Magdeburg of Intel means that highly-trained specialists in the field of microtechnology are in urgent demand. For areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and medical technology, too, ever smaller and more powerful computer chips that are able to process enormous quantities of data are of vital importance. As a university we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that specialists are trained in production as well as research and development, consequently strengthening the economy in the region.

To this end, we are currently offering vocational training in microtechnology as well as, from the 2022/23 winter semester, an English-language Master’s program in Advance Semiconductor Nanotechnologies. In the coming year, it is planned for a Bachelor’s degree course and various continuing training programs to follow, so that potential specialists can continuously shape their career in microtechnology from an apprenticeship to a degree program and from a doctorate to continuing education. The Microtechnology Support Unit will coordinate the design of this talent pipeline.

During their three-year training at the University of Magdeburg, prospective microtechnologists learn in the clean room how to manufacture computer chips or airbag sensors, among other things. After graduation, they can work in the chip industry or in research institutes.

With the Master Advanced Semiconductor Nanotechnologies, the University of Magdeburg offers a study program that enables graduates to enter the semiconductor industry. The four-semester master's program is part of the location concept for the Intel settlement in Magdeburg. Admission is limited and the program is taught in English.

With the English-language master's program Computational Methods in Engineering, the university trains experts who can work at the interface between various classical engineering disciplines and software development. They learn to analyze technical problems mathematically and to simulate solutions on the computer.

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