Vice Rectorate for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunity

Duties of the Vice Rectorate

  • Responsibility for technology transfer, elaboration of development lines and priorities in research at the University.
  • Design and implementation of equal opportunity measures at all stages of the academic career.
  • Together with the Research Commission, coordinating research strategy between the faculties on research priorities, collaborative projects and selection processes for awarding prizes to outstanding research achievements.
  • As chair of the Equipment Commission, she prepares decisions on equipment purchases and their prioritization.
The Office is responsible for
  • Coordinating the work of the commission.
  • Maintaining constant contact with the Office for Equal Opportunity Issues and the Equal Opportunity Officer of the OVGU.
  • Preparing reports and submissions for internal and external communication of the university's research and transfer activities.

The Equal Opportunity & Diversity Network at OVGU, whose mission statement commits it to the societal objective of defining and implementing equal opportunity conditions in training, education and employment, brings together the domains of equality, family, anti-discrimination and promoting young talent (Graduate Academy) under one umbrella, as well as acting as an interface for the Saxony-Anhalt Liaison Office for Gender Research & Equal Opportunities (KGC).

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