Registration process for courses

14.10.2020 -  

The University of Magdeburg will implement a registration process for on-campus classroom teaching. This digital data collection for tracing infection chains is a prerequisite for attending lectures and is mandatory for students and teachers. In case of COVID-19 disease, contact chains can be determined and affected persons can be informed. With this solution the University of Magdeburg puts the health of all students, employees and guests first. At the same time, the implementation of classroom teaching on campus is maintained.

Digital data acquisition via Smartphone

The registration by the participants is done before each course or exam via a QR code. This code is displayed at the entrance of all lecture halls (and also on the seats) or seminar rooms. There will also be an alternative in paper form. Within the rooms, only the marked seats are to be used. Students and staff are also asked to pay attention to the prescribed directions / one-way routes. It is mandatory to wear a medical mask in all university buildings. This must also be worn by students in their seats during lectures. The medical mask obligation applies to teaching staff if a minimum distance of 3 metres from students cannot be maintained. Students and lecturers must check out after leaving the courses.

Overview of the procedure:

  1. Prior registration for all LSF courses is mandatory for students. This helps the University of Magdeburg to better plan room capacities.
  2. Wearing a medical mask is obligatory in all buildings of the university. Also during the courses.
  3. When entering buildings, lecture halls or seminar rooms, the use of disinfectant dispensers is recommended. Hand hygiene must be observed!
  4. All rooms for courses have a QR code at the entrance. Lecture rooms also have graphics on the seats. These must be scanned when entering or afterwards using a smartphone.
    • Students verify themselves with their matriculation number and confirm their attendance with "Check in now". Employees register with their user name of the OVGU account.
    • The registration process can be done via the uninow app or a web version on the smartphone or computer. An alternative in paper form is handed out by the teaching staff. More information about the digital registration process can be found here.
  5. On the way through the premises, please pay attention to the given routing. Students use only the marked seats and pay attention to the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
  6. After leaving the premises, students must check out of the system. This can be done by opening the uninow app or by starting the web version again.

Frequently asked questions about the registration process

  • How secure is the registration process?

The data can be stored securely using asymmetric encryption (GPG). Through this system only the OVGU is able to decrypt the data. This is only done on the instruction of the responsible health authority. After 28 days the data is automatically deleted.

  • How can I register without a smartphone?

The University of Magdeburg recommends digital use via the web version or the uninow app. However, there is also the possibility to confirm your presence in writing via a contact form. The faculties receive forms for the respective rooms, which are handed out on request. Teaching staff will receive further information on the process in a separate e-mail.

  • Does the uninow-App have to be used?

No. The system for registration was developed by uninow. The adaptation was done in close cooperation with the University of Magdeburg. In the future, further features will be added to the app. However, the registration process can also be done via a web version or in writing.

Last Modification: 01.04.2021 - Contact Person: Dr. rer. nat. Anne Herbik