In its mission statement, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg commits itself to the societal objective of defining and implementing equal opportunity conditions in training, education and employment. It celebrates and values diversity in research, teaching and everyday working life, and aims to act as a model institution for the state of Saxony-Anhalt in respect of its recognition and handling of diversity.

The aim of the network is to make the benefits of diversity clear to all members, and not to deny the existence of obstacles and barriers along the way, but instead to actively seek good solutions. The participatory involvement of the different status groups in their own diversity is a primary concern.


To have a positive impact on the image of the region

  • Students and staff pay increasing attention to the so-called “soft factors” such as the social, ethical and ecological behavior of universities. The commitment to variety and visible diversity makes a significant contribution to image enhancement.

To work against demographic change

  • A good image and a varied student and staff body reaches groups that are becoming increasingly important: young and older people, people with a migration background, people with disabilities or other impairments.

To improve research collaborations through creativity

  • Diverse experiences, viewpoints and ways of working often help mixed groups to achieve more innovative, appropriate and creative solutions than homogeneous groups.

To make use of competitive advantage

  • OVGU is becoming more flexible. More diverse workforces mostly react more flexibly to new challenges in an environment characterized by constant change than homogeneous workforces. Research performance increases, the studying and working environment poses fewer barriers to success, whilst recognition of talent is fairer and does not reflect old stereotypes.

To strengthen the feeling of togetherness

  • The successful integration of all and the consistent elimination of discrimination lead to higher levels of motivation and identification as well as reinforcing team spirit; there are fewer sickness and absence days. The University of Magdeburg will become more attractive as a place to study and work.

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