Chemical Engineering: Molecular and Structural Product Design


Chemical Engineering: Molecular and Structural Product Design

Degree Conferred Master of Science (M.Sc.) Duration 3 Semesters Enrollment Winter and summer semester Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements Relevant Bachelor's degree programme, e.g. Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Application Details without admission restriction Application deadline   Bewerbung mit deutschem Schulabschluss      an der OVGU Winter 15. September / Summer 15. March   Bewerbung mit internationalem Schulabschluss      über uni-assist Winter 15 July / Summer 15 January Language German


This modern degree programme is located at the interface between chemistry and engineering sciences. The development of new materials such as nanostructures and the discovery and synthesis of new active substances for the pharmaceutical industry play a major role. Furthermore, research into new catalysts for e.g. a clean environment is just as important as mastering the mathematical design of a reactor for the large-scale realisation of processes previously researched at the molecular level. Disciplines such as bioprocess engineering or food process engineering are also part of the study programme. The degree programme is just right for those of you who are very interested in scientific fundamentals and also in their technical implementation. The programme offers insight into experimental work in the laboratory. Internships in industry provide initial experience in working with large-scale production facilities. This gives you the opportunity to gain competencies in both areas and broadens your professional perspective. In short: At the end of your studies, you will have more knowledge of chemistry, for example, than a classic chemical engineer, and you will know more about the engineering side than the typical technical chemist.

Career Perspectives

Chemistry and pharmaceuticals, feed, food and luxury foodstuffs, petroleum and coal, paper, textiles, building materials, metallurgy, medical technology, biotechnology, combustion technology, power plant technology, refrigeration technology and environmental technology

Competencies and Interests Required

relevant bachelor

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