International Business and Economics


International Business and Economics

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration 6 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements 1. Recognized university entrance qualification for the German higher education system (i.g Abitur)
2. Proof of English skills with one of the here recognized options.
Application deadline     Applicants with a German university entrance qualification (Abitur)   an der OVGU 15 September     Applicants with an international university entrance qualification   über uni-assist 15 July Language English


Are you planning to work as an economist in an international organization? Or, are you planning your business career in an international corporation? If so, International Business Economics (IBE) is the study program of your choice.

Students in IBE gain systematic reasoning skills and analytical abilities, which are essential for understanding the complex relationships that govern global business and international economics. You will learn to evaluate problems from multiple perspectives, including efficient resource allocation, profitable investments, competent workforce management, reliable accounting, sustainable public finance, and insightful public policy. Your training will encompass a full circle of up-to-date methods, including econometrics, game theory, and smart decision-making, as well as tools to assess the moral foundations and the social relevance of business behavior and economic practice.

Career Perspectives

Graduates of IBE are sought-after and successful in international organizations and businesses worldwide. The knowledge gained in IBE prepares the graduates leaning to business for leadership positions in head offices and leading branches of international corporations, management consultancies, and financial institutions. The graduates with a stronger leaning to economics will find themselves working at senior levels in economic think tanks, in public administration, for professional associations, and for expert media.

Your IBE “Bachelor of Science” degree opens the doors to graduate education worldwide, because the program is exclusively taught in English and absolutely on par with leading programs in the field. However, you probably will not want to leave after graduation, because you have come to appreciate our educational approach and have fallen in love with the historic parts of the city, the numerous parks, the party scene, and the modern campus. In that case, you are welcome to join any of our four graduate study programs taught in English: MSc Economic Policy Analysis, MSc Finance & Economics, MSc International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or MSc Operations Research & Business Analytics.

Competencies and Interests Required

Students interested in this study program must have very good skills in the field of advanced mathematics and in English.
Additionally, interest in economics and finance, as well in business administration and international management is an important pre-condition for this bachelor’s.

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