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Summer picnic

Finally it is possible again: We can get together in person, enjoy the summer in the best company and tackle projects together. Magdeburg University is once again organizing the OVGU Summer Picnic for all students and employees on June 29, 2022 on the lawn in the FestungMark. With live music, an entertainment program and hands-on activities, all members of the university can once again spend time together outside of video meetings.

Enjoy together

On June 29, 2022, all university members can come together under the marquee from 3 p.m., celebrate together and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere or get to know the student initiatives. (Vegetarian) catering will be provided by the university together with the FestungMark.

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Musically, the picnic will be entertained by the jazz band Les Soleils and the hip hoppers from MAKE A MOVE. From 10 p.m. the FestungMark lawn will be transformed into a dance floor that can be captured with beats and lights.

All guests young and old can also enjoy sports such as slacklining, badminton, table tennis or archery, or compete against each other in Viking chess. The Black Cats cheer dance group will be demonstrating their skills, and those who are gripped by the rhythms of the music can try dancing forro. In addition, the Magdeburg Indians e.V. will show how colorful Indian culture is with a fashion show and dance performance.

Donations for the Ukraine

And also the good deed on the day can be realized at the event: For 18 euros, all guests can buy the OVGU peace shirt. Just under half of the profits from the sale will go to the GUERICKE helps! emergency aid fund, which was set up during the Corona pandemic and is now being used to support Ukrainian university members. With the shirt, employees and students can support the fund and visibly set a sign for open-mindedness and tolerance.

3 Studierende auf dem Mensavorplatz der Uni Magdeburg mit dem Spendenshirt für die Ukraine (c) Jana Dünnhaupt Uni Magdeburg

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