Rethinking the world together

With “Rethinking the World Together”, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg has mapped out a collective commitment to working together for a better future and invites all members of the university community to come together to help influence both the institution itself and society.

Our strength is bringing together different perspectives and disciplines so as to be able to approach challenges across structural barriers both pragmatically and impartially, and thus become part of the solution to societal problems. We have seen how important, but also how fragile, social cohesion is and believe that our role in research, teaching, transfer and also third mission functions is a new social responsibility. Only by working together will we find effective answers to the central questions of an increasingly complex world. The slogan “Rethinking the World Together” succinctly expresses the shared values and aims of the university community.

As a university we must always strive to find new directions while affirming our common objectives, questioning roles and, amid constantly changing political and societal conditions, initiate and successfully shape global transformation processes as a point of contact between research, teaching, transfer and society. One way that we will achieve this is by being part of a modern European creative sphere cooperating across borders.

As one, let us carry our vision, “Rethinking the World Together”, out into the university community, filling it with passion and continuing to develop it. We would like to invite you to find answers together to the following questions:

  • What sets the University of Magdeburg apart?
  • Which values are important to us?
  • How would we like to make decisions in future?

In future we aim to continue to follow the course that we set both purposefully and together. So that out of yesterday we can make a better tomorrow.

The University Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Strackeljan, President
Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt, Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Prof. Dr. Helmut Weiß, Vice-President for Academic Development and Financial Planning
Angela Matthies, Incumbent Chancellor

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