Equal Opportunity & Diversity Network

The Equal Opportunity & Diversity Network at OVGU, whose mission statement commits it to the societal objective of defining and implementing equal opportunity conditions in training, education and employment, brings together the domains of equality, family, anti-discrimination and promoting young talent (Graduate Academy) under one umbrella, as well as acting as an interface for the Saxony-Anhalt Liaison Office for Gender Research & Equal Opportunities (KGC). The network was established in order to pool existing synergies and expertise more effectively in the individual areas and to increase visibility and bring into sharper focus the potential in the field of gender equality and diversity at OVGU.

The network aims to contribute to creating a prejudice-free working environment at OVGU. Irrespective of sex or gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world view, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity, all members of OVGU should be able to participate and feel valued.

The Centre for Gender Research celebrates 40 years of research and teaching at Uppsala University, with a conference focusing on the breadth and diversity within current gender research.

When: 12 - 13 October 2023

Wo: Uppsala University

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Lecture with subsequent exchange in the context of CampusPRIDE 2023.

"Queer perspectives in science and university"

When: October 12, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Where: t.b.a.

Speaker: G-Prof. Dr. Tina Jung (Marianne-Schminder visiting professor), Faculty of Human Sciences, Otto von Guericke University

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New spaces! For this year's motto of the Intercultural Weeks, the state capital Magdeburg as well as municipal, scientific and civil society organizations would like to challenge joint ideas that will result in a local Diversity Challenge in 2024.

When: Sept. 28, 2023 | 4:00 p.m.
Where: einewelt haus Magdeburg

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Der 11. Deutsche Diversity Tag findet am 23. Mai 2023 statt und steht unter dem Motto "Flagge für Vielfalt". An diesem Tag sollen Unternehmen, Organisationen und Institutionen in ganz Deutschland die Bedeutung von Vielfalt und Inklusion am Arbeitsplatz hervorheben und Maßnahmen zur Förderung von Diversität präsentieren. Ziel des Diversity Tages an der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität ist es, Bewusstsein für die Bedeutung von Vielfalt und Inklusion zu schaffen, den Austausch zu fördern und gemeinsam zu zeigen, wie wichtig es ist, Vielfalt zu fördern und zu gestalten. Mitglieder und Unterzeichner*innen der Charta der Vielfalt (OVGU 2021) und Organisationen in den Vielfalt gelebt wird, zeigen daher an deisem Tag die "Flagge für Vielfalt".

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