Whether eating in the canteen, borrowing books from the university library or using a Magdeburg public transport ticket: the UniCard is a daily companion for students at Otto-von-Guericke University. After enrolment, every student receives a UniCard by post. The card accompanies them throughout their studies and is versatile. The UniCard serves as:

  • Student card
  • Library card
  • Semester ticket for the MVB public transport system
  • Cash card with function of payment in the refectory
  • Cashless means of payment for copying and printing at copying stations at the university

The chip in the card functions in the same way as conventional EC cards or other ID cards. It is used to uniquely identify the user, but does not store any personal data. Only the card number, matriculation number and library number are stored.

Will I get a new UNiCard each semester?

No, this is not necessary. Having finished your re-registration you insert the card into one of the validation terminals and the new semester will be printed onto it.

First use and validation

As part of the enrolment process, prospective students receive their student card by post. The UniCard must then be activated at one of the numerous validation stations at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. The valid semester data will be visibly printed on. Printing is possible at any time but should be updated before the end of the semester. Otherwise, the student status can no longer be proven, e.g., while using public transport. The validation stations can be found in the following buildings:

  • Building 06 (hallway)
  • Building 18 (Campus Service Center, room 153)
  • Building 26 (outside auditorium 1)
  • Building 40 (entrance B)
  • Office of  Students’ Dean (Campus of the university’s Clinical Center/ building 2)

The UniCard as a semester ticket

With the UniCard, students have a semester ticket that can be used on the buses and trams of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (MVB). It is important to note that the card is only valid in the Magdeburg tariff zone and is not valid beyond this area. Journeys with the Deutsche Bahn (DB) are also not included in the semester ticket. The semester ticket is paid for with the semester fee. Important: Make sure it is valid! With an expired semester ticket, you will incur increased transport charges when using local public transport.

The UniCard as a wallet on campus

The student card can be used as a flexible means of payment on campus - completely without cash! For example, students can pay with the card in the dining halls on campus. Payment for copying or printing is also possible with the UniCard. However, the card must first be topped up. There are top-up machines at central locations on campus (including the refectory and the university library) where money can be loaded onto the card. The UniCard is inserted into the top-up station and students then load their cash onto the card. Important: The reloaders only accept banknotes and therefore at least five euros.

Malfunction / loss of the UniCard

The Campus Service Center must be notified immediately if the card is lost or malfunctions. The card can only be blocked at the Campus Service Center. A new UniCard will be issued for a fee in accordance with the university's fee regulations if the card is lost or unusable. The loss of the card also means the loss of the amount of money stored on the UniCard. A new card can be issued for a fee. Therefore, students should take care of their card and handle it with care. The UniCard must not be bent, soiled or wilfully damaged. Heat, cold and radiation should be avoided!

 A cash charging malfunction must be reported to the "Studentenwerk".

Error 448 occurs in case of early interruption of the reading or printing process at one of the terminals. Error correction is only possible by putting the card on the respective terminal again and having the process finished.

What shall I do having lost my UniCard?

Should you have lost your UniCard or should it not work properly you have to immediately inform the Students’ Office about that. The card can be blocked by the Students’ Office staff only.If necessary a new card will be set up for a charge according to the university’s Scale of Charges. Loss of your UniCard means as well loss of the amount of money saved on it.

Further Information about the UniCard:

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