Educational Science


Educational Science

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Duration 6 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) Application Details - no restricted admission: Educational Sciences, Educational Sciences (major subject) / Social Sciences (minor subject)
- restricted admission: Educational Sciences (major subject) / Psychology (minor subject)
Application deadline     Applicants with German secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur) [restricted admission]   an der OVGU 15 July     Applicants with German secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur) [no restriction]   an der OVGU 15 September     Applicants with international secondary school leaving certificate   über uni-assist 15 July Language German


  • Educational Sciences
  • Educational Sciences (major subject) / Psychology (minor subject)
  • Educational Sciences (major subject) / Social Sciences (minor subject)


Students will be put in a position to be able to diagnose learning and educational conditions, and to plan, design and evaluate learning and educational environments. Specialist knowledge in the following areas will be imparted:

  • lessons/information/presentation,
  • counselling/prevention,
  • adult education,
  • cultural work,
  • media work,
  • organisational development/knowledge management,
  • promotion of health and rehabilitation.

Career Perspectives

On the basis of the skills they have acquired, graduates of this course will be suitable for flexible employment in various professional fields, in particular for activity in occupational and general education management. They will be in a position to take on basic pedagogical activities in institutions that offer extracurricular youth education, family advisory services or that work with the elderly, as well as in government ministries, local authorities, universities, associations, companies and rehabilitation centres. Alongside work in the social field, they will also find employment in educational management and human resources and organisational development in private enterprise.

Competencies and Interests Required

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate sensitivity to personal and social interrelationships, the ability to work independently and a proactive approach to developing subject areas.

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