Study Abroad
A good time to go abroad is during or after your studies. Information about studying abroad can be found here.

Students of the OVGU

The demand for international mobility is greater now than ever. Be it a course of studies, a placement, research, teaching, postgraduate training or a short-term abroad, there are many arguments other than subject-related ones in favour of expanding one's horizons.

Depending on the subject and the exchange destination there are numerous funding opportunities that can help you to finance your study abroad. Find out more about the offers and take advantage of the initial consultation  of the International Office at the Campus Service Center as well as of our information events at the Faculties.

The ERASMUS+ programme is a mobility programme sponsored by the European Union for students wishing to undertake one or two semesters of study abroad within Europe.
Application deadline: 01.02.2020

The OVGU maintains bilateral agreements and exchange partnerships with more than 40 universities outside the countries of the European Union; that is in the Americas, in Asia and in Africa. Our students are welcome to apply for and participate in the WORLDWIDE exchange programme under these partnerships.
Next application deadline: 01 Dec. 2020

Free mover study visits are independently organised courses of study at a non-partner university worldwide. Good planning here is necessary.

The best time for an internship abroad is during or after your studies. Numerous exchange programmes organise internships all over the world. The most important can be found here.

Short stays abroad are also possible, either organised by OVGU in Japan, the USA or Israel, or by one of our partners worldwide.

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