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Welcome to the website of the Sustainability Office. At the Otto-von-Guericke University, the Sustainability Office is the central contact point for sustainability. It is responsible for the implementation of the sustainability strategy, networks activities and activists, and reports and informs about sustainability in the different areas of the OVGU. This homepage provides information and contact details and is intended to become the platform for participation in the OVGU's sustainability process.



1. Dezember 2020 - Sustainability Forum  (online)



14. December 2020 - Active participation- sustainability & climate protection in your hand (online)

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Campus Development



 Areas of activity of the Sustainability Office


OrgaOrganization: The Sustainability Office is attached to the Prorectorate for Studies and Teaching. It is supported in its work by a scientific advisory board. It was brought to life by a broad initiative that called for more commitment to sustainability and an institutionalization of sustainability at the OVGU in 2015. (Direct links: Nachhaltigkeitsbüro, wissenschaftlicher Beirat)



Strategy: In February 2018, the OVGU's sustainability strategy was approved by the Senate. The strategy was elaborated in a participatory process and provides a direction for the development of the OVGU's sustainability process through a mission statement and sustainability goals.r. (Direct links:  NachhaltigkeitsstratgieNachhaltigkeitsbericht, ) 


NetzwerkNetworking: A central concern of the Sustainability Office is to strengthen networks within and outside the OVGU in order to jointly make a greater contribution to sustainable development. There are various networks at the OVGU, in the region, as well as in Germany and Europe.(Direct links: Vernetzung, Nachhaltigkeitsforum, Grüner Salon)


VeranstaltungenEvents: The Sustainability Office supports and organizes events on various aspects of sustainability. This makes sustainability more present on the campus and encourages members of the OVGU to deal with the topic. (Direct links: Ökosoziale HochschultageProgressive EinführungswochenVeranstaltungsarchiv)



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