Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg has a distinctive profile. It aims to create a lean and sharply-defined structure with its main focus of expertise in the traditional areas of engineering, the natural sciences and medicine. It also views economics and management and the social sciences and humanities as essential disciplines for a modern university in the information age. The University sees its main task as raising the standard of education and scholarship through teaching and research.

Below you will find all of the most important statistics, facts and figures on the University of Magdeburg – from the number of students and doctorates to the number of staff.

    As the first university in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the University of Magdeburg is part of the university network EU GREEN. In the network of nine European universities, joint sustainable university structures and programs are being established to enable close cooperation in research, teaching and administration. Under the title "European University", Magdeburg University will become part of a joint European campus.

    A lively and attractive research and educational landscape is developing in Magdeburg.

    How did the University of Magdeburg become what it is today? Discover stories, dreams and impressions.

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