Brief Profile

In terms of research and teaching, the Faculty of Humanities is aligned with the University's engineering, natural science and economics-based profile. The Faculty makes its contribution in what are, for a modern university, the essential disciplines of the social, cultural and educational sciences. In this connection, man takes centre stage, both as an individual and in collective terms as well as in his social, cognitive, emotional and psychological relationships to his social reality.

The key areas of research and teaching in the Faculty are dictated by the three structural areas of social, cultural and educational sciences.

Research topics

  • Centre for Social World Research and Method Development: The genesis of social actions, socialisation, education and professionalisation, self- and social perception and biographical processes
  • Centre of Transformation Research: historic and present transformation processes in European societies - e.g. urban and rural lifestyles in Russia and Eastern Europe, creation of small businesses


The Faculty of Humanities is home to the following departments:

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