Performance Analysis of Sport (IMPAS)


Performance Analysis of Sport (IMPAS)

Degree Conferred Master of Science (M.Sc.) Duration 4 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction Restricted admission Entry requirements Bachelor in Sports Science, Sports and Engineering or Physiotherapy or a technical discipline with a minimum grade point average of 2,5 on the German scale Application Details Limited number of places (5 up to 7 per year) Application deadline     Application period for German Applicants   über uni-assist 1 April until 15 June     Application period for International Applicants   über uni-assist 1 April until 15 June Language English


The inter-university Master involves three European universities: Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (Germany), University Trás-os-Montes Vila Real (Portugal) and the Lithuanian Sports University Kaunas (Lithuania). It aims to train experts in Performance Analysis in Sport, to offer specialised quality education to meet labour market demands in the sport training area and to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to develop a career in international settings.

Career Perspectives

The master opens a professional qualification avenue in the specific field of sports and rehabilitation. The curriculum is intended to prepare students in the following professional areas:

  • Performance Analysis in sports clubs, research institutes or rehabilitation centres
  • Design of training programmes for sports people
  • Project management in Technical Departments of national and international sports organisations
  • Supervision and development of athlete follow-up plans in sports clubs and research laboratories (technical documents, experimental systems, laboratory education, etc.), with special attention to the new technologies
  • Positions directly linked to Sport Performance research

Competencies and Interests Required

The master course is targeted at graduates and professionals preferably from the Degree in Physical Education and Sports. It requires profound knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, physical motor activity and psychology, experience in coaching and competition in leisure and/or competitive sports as well as experience as coach or instructor, team spirit. TOEFL is required to prove English language proficiency.

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