Computational Visualistics - Dual


Computational Visualistics - Dual

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration 9 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) or relevant subject-related matriculation standard Application deadline     Applicants with German secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur)   an der OVGU winter semester: 15 September     Applicants with international secondary school leaving certificate   über uni-assist winter semester: 15 July Language German


Computational Visualistics is an interdisciplinary course only offered in Germany by Magdeburg and Koblenz Universities. It looks at how computers can be used to generate and analyse images. The course in Computational Visualistics is especially aimed at students with wide ranging interdisciplinary interests, as on the one hand, the course delivers in-depth specialist knowledge in the core areas of computer science such as databases, programming, mathematics and software engineering, whilst on the other hand providing students with specific knowledge of image-related aspects of computer science, such as computer graphics, image processing and algorithmic geometry. It also conveys a basic understanding of the humanities subjects that are essential for the development of computer systems, such as perceptual psychology or pedagogy. Students are given the tools to employ their knowledge of computer science to solve problems in applied subjects such as medicine, construction and design.


Applied subjects:

  • Image information technology
  • Construction and design
  • Medicine
  • Materials science
  • Biology

Career Perspectives

Visualistics overlap to some extent with those of Computer Science. Over and above this, graduates of Computational Visualistics primarily work in the following fields:

  • media and entertainment (e.g. game development, CAD),
  • the automotive industry (e.g. simulation, virtual reality),
  • medical technology,
  • image information technology,
  • and research and development (e.g. in cooperation with biologists, neuroscientists, medical professionals and engineers).

Competencies and Interests Required

Solid knowledge of mathematics is an important requirement for admission to the course in Computational Visualistics. Candidates must demonstrate an awareness of, and interest in, the rapid developments in computer science and be prepared to follow them and add to their skills and qualifications throughout their professional lives.

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Dieser Studiengang gliedert sich in Kern-, Pflicht- und Wahlpflichtmodule. Die Kernmodule werden dabei von den Studierenden aller Studienrichtungen der Fakultät für Informatik besucht (z. B. Mathematik, Schlüssel- und Methodenkompetenzen). Der Pflichtbereich ist an den jeweiligen Studiengang angepasst, und die Wahlpflichtmodule richten sich nach der Vertiefungsrichtung der Studierenden. Zudem muss ab dem dritten Semester ein weiterer Bereich, ein Anwendungsfach, gewählt werden. Dieser Bachelorstudiengang kann direkt mit dem dazugehörigen Masterstudiengang fortgesetzt werden.

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