Business Informatics - Dual


Business Informatics - Dual

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration 7 Semesters Enrollment Winter and summer semester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements University entrance qualification or
relevant subject-related matriculation standard
Application deadline     Applicants with German university entrance certificate (Abitur)   an der OVGU winter semester: 15 September     Applicants with international secondary school leaving certificate   über uni-assist winter semester: 15 July Language German


The University of Magdeburg considers business information specialists to be creative professionals, comparable with engineers or architects. Many of our students see themselves as communicative and creative people who acquire technical and creative skills through their studies that will later equip them to build new and better information systems with and for users. The programme corresponds in terms of structure to the three major areas of competency of the business information specialist, which we call Understand, Design and Apply

  • Understand means familiarising yourself with both the needs of organisations and the possibilities of modern information technology.
  • Design means devising and building IT solutions  that not only meet technical requirements, but also feature a high level of aesthetic and ergonomic quality.
  • Apply denotes the targeted use of IT solutions in organisations to enable them to work more successfully.

A third of the programme can be freely chosen, which means that our students are able to develop their own personal interests.


  • Informatik/Wirtschaftsinformatik (Wahlpflichtbereich)
  • Wirtschaft (Wahlpflichtbereich)

Career Perspectives

Business information specialists develop and implement IT solutions that effectively support business organisation. They are versatile and can specialise in a wide variety of directions. The central point of interest is the targeted interaction between people, their roles in organisations, the services provided and the use of IT. Business information specialists thus take a central role in modern companies which (like IT) it is no longer possible to imagine without them. They bring together many skills that the graduates of traditional courses of study only possess in isolation in relation to their specialisms. In this way they are far better able to meet the demands of modern, IT-driven businesses and can seek out attractive employers.

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