How to apply for study leave

If you want to apply for study leave, fill out the necessary formand deliver it to the Campus Service Center - Students’ Office (Building 01). The form must be signed and include the proof(s) of the reason for the desired leave.

Your application must be submitted during the re-registrationperiod.

Important reasons for study leave are:

  • A disease excluding the possibility to realize studies according to the regulations;
  • Realization of an internship;
  • Study semester(s) abroad;
  • Military draft or realization of other services;
  • Active membership in university or student bodies;
  • Pregnancy, maternity or parent leave, fosterage and care for relatives.

Other reasons have to be checked for each individual case by the head of the Department of Study Affairs or the Dean’s Office for Study Affairs at the Medical Faculty.

Please note:

Study leave can be granted for complete semesters only. The duration shall not exceed two sequent semesters. Within the framework of one study programme the maximum time for leave is four semesters. In undergraduate programmes usually no study leave will be granted in the first semester. A decision about exceptions can be taken by the head of the Department of Study Affairs or the Dean’s Office for Study Affairs at the Medical Faculty having checked the individual case. For Master students study leave during the first semester is possible.

During study leave rights and duties of students are in abeyance. However, upon approval by the examination committee examinations may be taken.


Important note for students from non-EU countries:

International students (non-EU countries) lose their German residence permit if they stay outside Germany for more than 6 months. In these cases, please contact the Foreigner`s Office (Ausländerbehörde).

- If you plan to stay abroad for more than 6 months, please inform the Foreigner`s Office (Ausländerbehörde).

Further information is available at the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt).

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