Germany Scholarship FAQ

Who can apply?

All national and international students can apply, as long as they are enrolled at OVGU. You are also eligible to apply for this scholarship if you are  applying to study at OVGU. Doctoral candidates are not allowed to apply. If you are a doctoral student or a postdoc, you can reach out to our Graduate Academy.

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How and when can I apply?

All applications have to be submitted using our platform. Applications by email or post cannot be accepted. The application period for the winter semester is usually from April, 15 until June, 30.

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According to which criteria will the Deutschlandstipendium be awarded?

In addition to your academic achievements, the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients include social commitment and personal achievements, such as a student overcoming challenges or obstacles in his or her social or family background. Criteria are:

  • Enrollment or application at OVGU
  • Average grade above 2,5 accordig to the German grading system
  • Social, political or universal commitment
  • At least two semester until end of regular study period
  • An application at
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Who decides about the scholarship?

A committee of a member of the rectorate, a dean of students, and representatives of the student body and the local companies decide over all applications.

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How and when will I be informed about the decision?

You will get an email before the start of the next semester, informing you whether you got the scholarship. We usually inform all the applicants in Septermber.

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Can I apply for both “Deutschlandstipendium” and “Unternehmensstipendium”?

Yes, you can apply for both of them at the same time. However, you are only allowed to accept one of these scholarships. Therefore, in case you are approved for both, you have to decide which one you would like to accept.

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Which documents are required?
  • a letter of motivation of no more than two sides,
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form,
  • your university entrance qualification certificate; and in the case of foreign certificates, with a conversion to the German grading system,
  • evidence of study credits, where already completed,
  • a certificate of enrolment, if already issued,
  • for applicants for a Master's degree course place, the first degree certificate and, where necessary, additional evidence of achievement in accordance with the admissions and selection provisions for the Master's degree course,
  • where necessary, proof of a special qualification entitling you to study on the relevant course at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg,
  • where necessary, internship/employment references and evidence of special awards and prizes, other skills and further commitment,
  • where necessary, declaration regarding the special social, family or personal circumstances
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I already was a scholar at OVGU. Can I apply again?

Yes. If you are a scholar right now, please send a renewal request at the platform. If you have been a scholarship holder some time back, please send a new application.

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I have just applied to a study course at OVGU. Can I already apply for a scholarship?

Yes, you can apply. At the beginning of your application you have to choose “prospective student”. Please send your enrollment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) to as soon as you get it.

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Can I write the motivation letter in English?

Yes, but we encourage everyone with German language skills to try to write in German.

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I sent the application but need to edit it again. What can I do?

Write an email to and state your problem. Only the admins can change your application after you have submitted it.

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What does conversion to the German grading system mean?

If you didn’t study in Germany before, we need a translation of your previous grade, to be able to compare all students. International students usually apply via uni-assist service which provides a document with your grade accordning to the German grading system.

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What does “University Entrance Qualification” mean?

To study at a German university you need to show your qualification. If you got an “Abitur” in Germany, you can use it as yout university entrance qualification.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree from another country, you state the name and place of the university, when you got the degree. “Type of UEQ” in this case would be “Bachelor”

If you do not have a university degree, you have to prove, that you are  qualified to study at a university. A high school certificate, A-Levels or Abitur would be acceptable. However your university entrance qualification should contain an average grade according to the German grading system. International students usually receive the conversion of their grade as a document during the application via uni-assist. This document can be uploaded as UEQ. It is called uni-assist Pürfbericht or uni-assist Evaluation Report:


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Is it possible to receive the Deutschlandstipendium at the same time as other scholarships?

There are only a few scholarships, which you can get parallel to the Deutschlandstipendium. You can find a list here.

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Can I get the “Unternehmensstipendium” and the “Deutschlandstipendium” at the same time?

No, it is not possible to get both scholarships at the same time. However, you are free to apply to both and decide later which you would like to accept.

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Can the scholarship be extended?

Yes after two semesters, you can submit application for a renewal, if you still have two semesters left in regular study period. Renewal applications have to be submitted via the platform .

The application should show why you are still qualified for the scholarship.

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I cannot find the answer to my question. Who can help me?

Just write an email to so our scholarship team can help you.

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