Change of study

What do I need to consider when changing study program?

To begin with, please log into your OVGU account in the myOVGU portal and apply to change. You will be issued with a paper application form, which you must complete, sign and have the comments of the examination office and international office added, then submit to the students’ office in the Campus Service Center (Building 01).

Please observe the deadlines: your application must be submitted during the re-enrollment period or, in the case of study programs with restricted admission, by the application deadline (15 July for the winter semester of the year in question; 15 January for the summer semester). Information on accredited study semesters must only be completed by the responsible faculty (decision of the examination committee).

If you hold a “Aufenthaltserlaubnis” you must notify the “Ausländerbehörde” of a change of study program or discipline, since as a rule, changing course also has consequences for the Aufenthaltserlaubnis. BAföG recipients must notify the BAföG office of a change of study program or discipline. You are advised to contact the BAföG office for information prior to applying to change.

It is only possible to change study program or discipline with the approval of the Department of Study Affairs Academic Affairs of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. It is not possible to change during a semester.

Important information for international students (non-EU only)

The change of study has to be announced to the Ausländerbehörde – before changing via post or mail. After completion you have to go personally to Ausländerbehörde within 4 weeks. The Ausländerbehörde will change the information in your residence permit. If you have questions please contact the International Office.

Please find the form „Antrag auf Änderung der Auflagen zur Aufenthaltserlaubnis“ here.

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