Post-graduate scholarship

In preparation for being awarded a doctorate it is possible, in accordance with the Post-Graduate Scholarship Act and the Directive concerning the Post-Graduate  Funding Act, to apply for a scholarship. Please note the comprehensive instructions concerning this in the application for post-graduate scholarship.

It is mandatory for researchers to be enrolled as doctoral students at OVGU Magdeburg for the whole of the period during which they are in receipt of scholarship.

Please therefore apply for admission to doctoral studies no later than in the month that you submit your application for the scholarship. If you have qualifications from a foreign university, please plan an additional period of time for processing the equivalence checks for your qualifications.


* Please submit the list in original form and with corresponding proofs (e.g. copy of employment contract, wage slips and/or account statements).


More information on the level of material and travel costs available under post-graduate scholarship can be found here.

Please note that in the context of post-graduate scholarship, all documents must always be submitted as originals and with original signatures. Digital signatures are not sufficient.


Application to extend a scholarship

Should you plan or wish to apply for an extension to a scholarship, please register in good time before the end of the funding period in the Department of Academic Affairs () for a submission date for the report together with the application for an extension.

The application for a first or second extension must be made no later than 8 weeks before the end of the funding period.

The application for an extension must be submitted with the relevant report and a concrete justification together with a new working plan and schedule via the Faculty Council (meets 1st Tuesday/Wednesday in the month) with a corresponding statement from your supervisor. The  report including application for an extension must be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office (original by post and as a single pdf file ()).

Please note that after successful completion of the doctorate, no extension to the post-graduate scholarship pursuant to § 8 para. 5 line 1 no. 1 GradFVO is possible. The scholarship will end in the month that the post-graduate program ends.


Cancellation of scholarship

If you want to cancel the scholarship before the end of the regular funding period, please submit the following original documents:

*Please have your supervisor sign the declaration of cancellation for his/her acknowledgement.


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