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Malika Israpilova


I graduated from the Otto-von-Guericke Uni with a Master Degree in European Studies. During my study I realized that politics didn’t fascinate me that much and I decided to go to a completely another direction. I started looking for a trainee positions in the internet, because as a trainee one has good chances to start professional life without any professional experience. After a while I found a good trainee position as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant by Austin Fraser GmbH. I decided that profession as a recruiter will fit me perfectly as I have strong and vivid personality. The job description interested me a lot as this job offers many options and perspectives in the future. Interview process was really quick and interesting and this process reflects philosophy of a company itself in a best way. It’s quite young and super driven team where you feel 100% welcomed. As a Recruitment Consultant Trainee I get a lot of trainings and coaching and when I have questions I always have a contact person. My team lead is always by my side giving me 100% of her support. Now I’m specialized on a frontend market and at the moment I’m in charge of several interesting IT position where I should find suitable candidates. This job really motivates you as good result are always well paid in a form of provision :) I’m very happy that I got this opportunity to work here and going to do all my best to be successful.


Bruno Gianezi Gomes

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I was a master student in management, but after 1 semester I found an internship which became a full time job and then I stopped my master and worked for 2y in a IT company in Magdeburg as project manager. Now I stepped out from my role in order to finish my master but I remain in the company as Business Development manager. I live in Germany for 4 years now, and despite the long time, I actually never learnt German properly in a way to be able to work in German. But this is more a barrier that I have with the language. Therefore, I tried to focus in industries inside management that does not require German fluently such as IT. That's how I ended up in bloopark systems. Usually in IT English is a must and enough, German helps but it is not a requirement actually. So my first step was to get into the market through an industry / area where German is not required. Now I am focusing on learning in order to reach other areas such as Sales, where therefore German would be a must.

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