Neurosciences: Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS)

In academic circles, Magdeburg is recognised as a centre for first class research in the neurosciences, as an established neurosciences hub with world renowned researchers and as a flagship for brain research. Impetus is provided by the Excellence Initiative of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. As part of this key research priority for Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, scientists from six faculties at the university, the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology and the Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) are researching memory formation, learning processes, the motivation of goal-oriented behaviour, decision making, and the processes of brain plasticity, neuromodulation and cognition. Since 2015 the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences has, under the name CBBS Science Campus, had the status of a Leibniz science campus.

Spokesperson / Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Dieterich, Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical Faculty of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
  • Prof. Dr. Tömme Noesselt, Institute of Psychology II, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


  • Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
  • Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg LIN
  • German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE


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