The WORLDWIDE Programme

The learning effects of a semester abroad are versatile and intensive and usually enrich one's own personality much more comprehensively than some semesters at the home university. Getting to know a new country, working environment/university system and many new contacts as well as the often accompanying perfection of language skills is perceived as very formative. Partner universities, scholarships and exchange programs make your step abroad easier and comfortable.

With the exchange programme WORLDWIDE, OVGU maintains partnerships with currentyl 65 partner institutions in Northern, Central and South America, and Asia. Examinations passed while studying abroad can be transferred to your study programme at OVGU depending on individual agreements with OVGU's programme coordinators or examination offices.

Exchange students nominated by OVGU will be granted a tuition waiver by our partner universities.

You can apply for a study exchange placement by means of a WORLDWIDE online application. Direct applications to our partners for placements are precluded.

In your application, you can indicate up to three placement wishes. All wishes should be based on solid research of the course offerings at the partner universitiess.

The forthcoming WORLDWIDE application period will be from 01 Nov. to 01 Dec. 2022 and is valid for an exchange placement either in the fall/winter semester 2023/24 (terms abroad usually start in July/August) or in the spring semester 2024 (spring terms abroad often start in January/February).

Selections are expected to be finished by 20 December 2022. All applicants will promptly be notified via e-mail about the decisions and a placement offer.

Successful WORLDWIDE applicants can apply for a  PROMOS scholarship as long as the planned study stay abroad does not exceed one term (max. 6 months). In case you are considering a one-year stay at one partner university, if applicable, you can apply for a full-year scholarship with the DAAD (DAAD scholarship database; in German only). Applying for a DAAD scholarship usually requires early research.

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