General Overview and Conditions of Participation

Early information about exchange options and application requirements of the WORLDWIDE programme is highly recommended. Start preferably 1.5 years, but at least 1 year, before your intended stay abroad.

Where can I find relevant information?

The International Office and the individual faculties provide various opportunities for you to gather information about an exchange term with the WORLDWIDE programme:

  • Our exchange database offers a list of all currently available exchange opportunities for your study programme. Please make sure to enter your home faculty and study programme into the search fields. Placements outside of your faculty's partnership agreements are not available to you. You can also find the study reports of former exchange students in the database, giving you lots of information about specific partner countries and universities.
  • Over the whole year, the advisors of the International Office offer regular office hours on from Monday through Thursday upon previous booking of an appointment.
  • In May and November of every year, the International Office hosts an evening talk called „Study&Travel“ engaging with all issues relating to study abroad stays.
  • Designated study programme coordinators on departmental or faculty level support you with your mobility plans. They will advise on topics such as choosing courses/modules and transferring credit points from the partner university to OVGU. They will normally also sign your Learning Agreement (LA) later on.
  • Stay up to date through our Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the websites of the DAAD and Studieren-Weltweit provide information for studies abroad.
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Which general conditions rule the WORLDWIDE programme?
  • Enrolment as a full-time student at OVGU in a study programms for which the desired study place abroad is available;
  • Students at bachelor level may apply for a study place abroad after havig successfully completed their first year at OVGU. The best time for one, or more, study mobilities is usually in the 3rd year of study.
  • Students at master level can participate in the WORLDWIDE programme even during their first year of graduate study, if they have completed OVGU undergraduate studies before and if they have observed the proper WORLDWIDE application deadline.
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