Language Requirements

OVGU's exchange programmes Erasmus+ and WORLDWIDE both have individual, qualifying language requirements. The explanations on language requirements stated below exclusively apply to the Erasmus+ programme.

In most host countries and univerisities, exchange students will be able to take classes in English. Italy, Spain, France and Portugal (in part) are an exception to that rule because classes are offered only or mostly in the country's official language. You need to hand in proof of language skills in order to apply for the respective exchange opportunities. In the exchange database, you will find a note if the required proof of language skills is not for English but another language.

English as Language of Instruction

On application, you must hand in a proof of English language skills of B2 level or higher. This rule applies regardless of requrements made by your host university and irrespective of admission requirements to your study programme at OVGU.

  • Ideally, you hand in a UNIcert III-Certificate.
  • Alternatively, a proof via your high school leaving certificate will suffice as long as the last year of graded English classes does not date back more then 3 years and the average grade level does not fall below 10 points.
  • Also, we will accept TOEFL (min. 85 points) and IELTS (min 6.0) certificates that are no older than 2 years or the Cambridge Certificate (CAE or CPE)
  • If none of the above is applicable to you, you can gain proof of language from the Language Centre of OVGU. Please check out available dates early enough!

If you have a proof of language skills that is not listed above, please contact Ms. Anne Schulze.

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Other Language of Instruction (not English)

Should you wish to study in a different language than English (for example Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Italian) and the following rules apply:

If you can provide proof of the respective language skills at least on a B2 level according to the European Framework Reference for Languages, you are exempt from also having to include an English language certificate (B2 or higher) with your Erasmus+ application.

If you do not have the necessary secondary language skills at the time of your application or if you wish to mainly take course taught in English at your host university, you must include the English language certificate with your application.

We consider sufficient knowledge of your host country's official language as highly important since it ensures the integration process at your destination. Therefore, we can only accept language skills below the B1 level as a rare exception to the rule. If you cannot provide the B1 certificate with your documents, the whole Erasmus+ application will only be considered complete when you also hand in a written learning agreement established between you and the head of the respective language department at the OVGU Language Centre.

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