Application Process

Once you have read up on the exchange opportunities and eligibility conditions, you can apply online for an Erasmus+ placement. Please apply via our  Portal Outgoing. You can list up to three universities you would consider for exchange term.

What do I have to do before applying for a placement?
  1. Please read our websites regarding an Erasmus study placement abroad.
  2. Check the language requirements
  3. Please book an apointment for your mandatory and personal consultation talk ("Pflichtberatung"):
  • We want to get to know you personally because you are going to represent OVGU at one of our partner institutions abroad.
  • The consultation will support your path toward studying abroad. It is essential for a goal-oriented organisation of your mobility and therefore a prerequisite for your application.
  • In order for a successful consultation, you should have a general idea about which destination countries and partner institutions would suit you and why you would want to study there.
  • You need to take part in the consultation before the application deadline. Please make an appointment of 30 minutes in and give "Mandatory consultation" as the keyword in the booking tool.
  • After the consultation, you will receive a confirmation via email which you need to upload during your online application.
Which steps does the application process for Erasmus+ include?

You have to complete two steps during your application:

Step 1: Complete the online application

The online application is easy to complete and mainly comprises dropdown menus. You will have to calculate more time for your motivation letter and study plan which should be very well-conceived.

  • Study Plan: Here you can show us, for every placement option respectively, that you have checked the current course offerings of your desired host institution and that you rightly expect courses fitting your subject background and being of interest for your further studies to be offered at the partner instution during the term you are applying for. Each study plan has to be written in English.
    You can use these guidlines:
    • Courses you wish to choose. List 3 to 4 courses from the partner university´s latest course offerings. Please specify the course level (bachelor or master) and/or name of the relevant college, department, or study program.
    • Are the intended courses adequate for recognition (or otherwise relevant, or complementary) to your OVGU study programme?
    • Do you plan to apply for recognition of study abroad subjects for your OVGU studies?
    • How will your academic situation benefit from the intended studies abroad?

Step 2: Hand in the Declaration of Commitment

In addition to the online application, you have to hand in the so-called Declaration of Commitment. This documents validates your online application. Please send a scan via eMail of this form to the International Office before the application deadline on the 1st of February. If this form has not arrived in our offices by the indicated deadline, your application is incomplete and cannot be considered.

Deadlines and Necessary Documents

Online applications are possible from the 1st January to the 1st of February of every year. You can save your progress repeatedly and complete it over time. Every application commenced will appear at the very bottom of the page after logging in. You do not need to click "Start" again. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration after the deadline.

Additionaly, you have to upload the following documents during the online application process:

  • Confirmation of progress of studies (download via MyOVGU)
  • Current grade transcription (additionaly, master student upload their bachelor degree indication their final overall grade)
  • Proof of language skills (Englisch and other required languages)
  • Confirmation of mandatory consultation


We only accept applications for Erasmus+ coming from your student OVGU e-mail adress since this is our only possibility to verify the real identity of the applying student and their affiliation with OVGU. Therefore, all communication between International Office and the applicant will take place via the student's OVGU e-mail account only. Please remember that consequently all other informal messaging and notifications from the International Office - before, during and after your mobility - will also be happen exclusively via the OVGU e-mail account. Thus, you will need to check and possibly answer your e-mail regularly. Please also make sure that the "Settings" for your webmail account spell your student e-mail address correctly as your standard identity.

For how long can I study at the Erasmus partner institution?

You have to provide both a start and an end date for each mobility request during the online application process. Please enter the dates as realistically as possible. Make sure to check whether the intended stay abroad fits in with your own plans and schedule at home. You can find information on the term dates on the academic calendar of the respective host institutions and you can copy this years current dates if no future dates for next are set out yet. Language courses and orientation days are also part of the funded mobility period.

Note: A mobility for one term (including teaching and examination period) rarely lasts more than 4 to 4.5 months.

What are the selection criteria for an Erasmus+ placement?
  • academic performance up to today
  • language skills
  • quality of the study plan you developed
  • motivation for studying abroad
  • social commitment/volunteering

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