Financial Support

After handing in your application at the International Office, you will receive a preliminary information about the amount of funding for your staff mobility, since the funding rates differ depending on the specific Erasmus+ project and country of destination. We will calculate a fixed travelling allowance and a per diem rate according to country categories.

  • Group 1: 180 Euro per day for Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, UK
  • Group 2: 160 Euro per day for Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
  • Group 3: 140 Euro per day for Bulgaria, EJR Macedonia, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary

In addition to these per diem rates, you will receive a fixed travel allowance depending on the distance between the starting point and the destination of your mobility. These are standard rates which are calculated in an  EU tool. Per mobility, these rates amount to:

10 - 99 km 20 EUR
100 - 499 km 180 EUR 
500 - 1.999 km 275 EUR
2.000 - 2.999 km 360 EUR
3.000 - 3.999 km 530 EUR
4.000 - 7.999 km 820 EUR
8.000 km und mehr 1.500 EUR

Payment process

You will receive the full amount of your funding in one bulk payment. Usually, the money will be transferred before your mobility if all necessary documents have been handed in.

Excess money between the lump sum and real expenditures will remain with the participant and need to be registered with your taxes. Participants are also privately responsible for any additional costs that are incurred during the mobility and exceed the rate they have received.

Last Modification: 10.02.2022 - Contact Person: M. A. Reena Schliephake