Application Process

There is a range of formalities you will need to consider in order to participate in the Erasmus+ programme for training purposes. Please read the following information carefully before applying.

a) Preparation

Please pay attention to deadlines and make sure that your application is complete before handing it in!


Please hand in your application  via this portal. After creating a user account with your OVGU email address, please choose the form Application for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training (STT) and fill in the requested data. After submitting the form, the International Office will check your application.

Selection criteria

1. Personal motivation/expected added value

2. Motivation for chosen host institution

3. Choice of partner institution (subject-specific and/or strategic) and expected added value of the chosen research/training area

4. First-time mobilities have priority

5. Intercultural competence (a expected gaining thereof) and existing language proficiency (English or language at the host institutiong (min. B1)

Mobility Agreement

After reviewing your application and in case of a positive feedback, you will receive an email containing first information and the Mobility Agreement.

Fill in all the details required in the Mobility Agreement and have it signed and dated by all partners (participant, dean/department head, host institution). We do not require original signatures; scanned or faxed versions suffice.

You need to hand in the Mobility Agreement with all required signatures at the International Office at least 4 weeks before your first day of travel.

Grant Agreement

Afterwards, you will receive a note from the International Office with the definitive approval of your application and the amount of funding you can receive. This is confirmed in the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement. You need to sign this agreement and return the original to the International Office.

You will receive a copy of the Grant Agreement as funding confirmation.

Business Trip

The Erasmus+ mobility takes place as a business trip. After receiving your Grant Agreement you also need to register your business trip (at least 4 weeks before your mobility starts). This business trip application must also be signed by the International Office before it is forwarded to the responsible department for approval. Please use the form provided in the form pool (not WinTrip!). After approval by your superiors, please send the business trip application to the International Office via in-house mail. Afterwards, the usual offical channels apply.

Once your business trip application has been officially approved, please hand in the original as proof of approval at the International Office.

After your mobility ends, you have to hand in a travel expense report in accordance with the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG). Please note the information on the procedure for business trips via Erasmus+. Please hand in all documentation at the International Office. In case of a excess amount remaining between the costs calculated according to the BRKG and the bulk funding you received, this amount is taxable. If you incurred more costs that are covered by the funding, you have to bear those costs personally.

b) During Your Stay

Letter of Confirmation:

At the end of your mobility period for research or training purposes, your host institution needs to sign the letter of confirmation for your stay. We will email this letter to you before your mobility starts.

c) Follow-up

Please hand in your original copy of the Letter of  Confirmation at the International Office im Original.

All participants of Erasmus+ mobilities are required to compile a report via the Beneficiary Module within 30 days after their mobility ends. You will receive an automatically generated email with a link to the report form after your mobility's end date.

Also, please hand in a travel expense report at the International Office with all required documentation and attachments that are necessary for business trips. Please note the information on the procedure for business trips via Erasmus+.

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