Guidelines on the restriction of social contacts from the German government


Dear Students!
The German government has released new regulations, which will come into effect tomorrow. Since they concern all of us, here is a rough translation, you can find the full text in german online: (

1.) Everyone has to reduce their physical and social contacts to people outside the own household to an absolute minimum. Wherever possible, a distance of at least 1.5 m has to be kept. Leaving home is only allowed for good reasons.
These explicitly include: work; any type of medical treatment; getting convenience goods; visiting spouse or partner, old, sick or people otherwise in need; accompanying people in need of support, including minors; sports and movement outside EITHER alone, OR with at most one person not from the same household OR with household members. NO OTHER GROUPS ALLOWED; Important legal business; Walking dogs or other related activities.

2.) Staying outside is only allowed (a) alone, (b) with at most one person NOT from the same household, (3) with people of the same household.

3.) ALL restaurants are closed, except for takeout, security distance of 1.5 m MUST be adhered to.

4.) The following shops will be closed in addition to the ones already closed: hair dressers, tattoo studios, cosmetics studios, and similar businesses where direct contact is inevitable and which are not essential.

5.) These regulations will be controlled, and reasons have to be given.

These regulations are in effect for at least 2 weeks.

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