Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience

The target group of this new DAAD programme are German and international post-doctoral students who have received a doctorate from a German university and see their future in Germany. Applicants must not have spent more than twelve months in the desired destination country within the last three years.

More information on this programme (German only  Deutsche Flagge).


  • Either twelve months stay abroad and six months integration phase at the German university or
  • one month initiation phase at the German university, twelve months stay and five months integration phase at the German university.


18 months in total. During the stay abroad, the grant recipients must remain in regular contact with the German university so that they are included in developments at the German university and can prepare for their integration as well as possible.


The appointment at the German university and a travel cost lump sum for the grant recipient and accompanying spouse or partner are financed.


The application must be made by the post doctoral student in close consultation with the German and foreign host university. Applications may be made once a year by 31 March. The funding commences on 1 September of the respective year.

Benefits for the University

  • Initiation and/or development of functional and institutional partnerships with the foreign host university;
  • strengthening of academic networks;
  • exchange of knowledge is guaranteed through the integration phase;
  • the financing of the post provides the university with a lead time for securing longer-term financing for the establishment of a new focal area in research.

Progression of an Application

First of all the applicant must contact the relevant contact person at the university which must be registered with the P.R.I.M.E. programme. The contact person makes contact with the desired institution, professorship or department. The department and the applicant draw up a concept for the integration in to the department and develop a funding application to be submitted via the DAAD application portal. If funding is awarded, the German university will receive a funding agreement.

Application Documents

  • Completed application form;
  • complete CV in tabular form to EU standard;
  • extensive, independently prepared research plan;
  • timetable for the execution of activities planned for abroad and in Germany;
  • letter of invitation from the German host;
  • binding declaration from the German host institution (Form 1);
  • letter of invitation from the foreign host;
  • two recent reports in English
    (one report should be by the supervisor of the doctoral thesis);
  • certificate for most recent academic degree
    (certified copy may be submitted by post);
  • list of publications separated according to specialist journals, specialist books, conference papers;
  • most important publications by the applicant (maximum of three);
  • short summary of dissertation (maximum of 7,000 characters);
  • completed Form 2 for assessment of ethical aspects of scientific research;
  • language certificate for the stay abroad
    (e.g. TOEFL test or DAAD language certificate);
  • official language certificate as proof of German language skills.

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